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Cats make great pets!

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Cats are the perfect pet for people who live in apartments or smaller homes or even big homes.  Cats are relatively self sufficient but still love playing with cat toys that stiumlate their instinctive "thrill of the hunt" and promote exercise and what kitty doesn't like cat nip toys?  Cats can also peacefully co-exist with other cats and sometimes they will even tolerate a dog in their family!  At First Rate Pets, we carry lots of different cat and kitten toys such as motion activated, catnip toys, and more!

We have lots of cat toys that your cat or kitten will love!

Cat and Kitten Toys

Cats and kittens love to play!  Their owners enjoy watching their cat run and hide and play their cat and mouse games and they love joining in on the fun!  We at First Rate Pets understand that playful side of cats and kittens and we carry alot of different toys for them to just plain have hours of fun!  We have toys for them to chase, bat around, and  toys that give them places for them to hide at affordable prices!

Click here to see all of our fun cat and kitten toys!

Collars for Cats and Kittens

Safety and jeweled collars for cats and kittens

We carry glamorous and jeweled collars for your cat or kitten.  We also have safety collars with safety stretch and quick release buckles to keep your pet safe!

Click here to see our collection of cat and kitten collars!

Dishes and Bowls for Cats and Kittens

Cats want and need their own special bowls and dishes and at First Rate Pets we have the one your pet has been wanting!  We have all kinds of designs and colors to match any decor and cat's taste!

Click here to see our dishes especially for cats and kittens!

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