Aquarium Supplies for Fresh Water and Salt Water Aquariums

We now have everything you've been looking for to give your aquarium that unique and underwater look!  We have long lasting durable plastic plants in all sizes and colors and unique and colorful bubble ornaments and decorations to add that special touch to all fresh water and salt water aquariums. Give your fish a home they'll be proud of.

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How To Properly Feed Your Fish

The basic flake or pellet diet includes all the supplements your fish needs. Different types of special fish foods should be offered at least twice a week instead of the basic diet. Variety is important, these secondary foods can include frozen or freeze-dried brine shrimp, bloodworms, tubifex worms, or any other food made especially for your fish. Remember, feeding your fish the same food day after day can lead to malnutrition, shortened life span, and faded color.

Start by taking a very small portion of food (1-2 flakes or pellets per fish) and put it in the tank. Now observe your fish. Do they immediately eat the food while it is still on the surface? If so put in a little more. If food begins to fall to the bottom, stop. Experiment to find out what is right for your tank using the guideline above. Since some fish may overeat so you only want to feed what they can eat in about two minutes.

Food should not fall to the bottom. The #1 cause of fish disease and death.

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